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Top 10 Scholarship Search Engines You Need to Know About

Are you hunting for a scholarship program to finance your education? With the rising costs of tuition, finding the right scholarship can make all the difference. Fortunately, there are numerous scholarship search engines available to simplify your search. Here is a rundown of the top 10 scholarship search engines you need to know about.

1. **Fastweb**
First on our list is Fastweb, a widely used and trusted online resource in high schools nationwide. Fastweb hosts over 1.5 million scholarships and offers customized searches tailored to fit each student’s profile.

2. ****
Since its launch in 1998, continues to help students find suitable scholarships. It’s not just comprehensive but also user-friendly, providing a thorough database of scholarships based on different criteria such as career goal or college major.

3. **Cappex**
Cappex shines through by featuring hard-to-find scholarships and providing comprehensive reviews about colleges and universities from actual students. It even has an application tracker that keeps tabs on your application progress.

4. **Chegg Scholarships**
In addition to being the go-to site for textbook purchases, Chegg also boasts an extensive database of over 25,000 scholarships for high school students and current university students alike.

5. **College Board Scholarships Search**
College Board isn’t just for SAT prep—it also provides an effective scholarship search engine covering more than 2,200 programs worth almost $6 billion in financial aid.

6. **Niche**
Niche provides a variety of reviews about everything from universities to neighborhoods. However, it also has a vast database of different kinds of scholarships that can be filtered by categories for easier browsing.

7. **Sallie Mae’s Scholarship Search**
Sallie Mae’s system hosts over 5 million college scholarships worth more than $24 billion in financial aid. Its search engine is updated regularly and provides regular scholarship alerts to users.

8. **Peterson’s**
Peterson’s is a robust platform that hosts about $10 billion worth of scholarships. It’s easy to use, and tailored listings make it a breeze for students to find the right scholarships.

9. **Moolahspot**
Moolahspot offers a quick and simple scholarship search engine with no registration necessary. Scholarships can be filtered by country, area of study, or award type.

10. **Scholly**
As seen on Shark Tank, Scholly has helped students win more than $100 million in scholarships. This personalized scholarship search tool removes the hassle of searching for scholarships and helps make education affordable for everyone.

Finding the right scholarship doesn’t have to be an uphill task anymore! Use these top 10 scholarship search engines to make your scholarship hunt simpler, easier, and faster!

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