A Personal Letter from Dale Clifton, the original Author, to you!

Dear Friends,

I'd like to tell you a true story. Twenty-five years ago, my daughter was ranked in the top ten of her high school graduating class. She participated in many extracurricular activities and was a member of the Honor Society. She wanted to go to college, but the costs were exorbitant – almost five times higher than the previous decade. Family money was in short supply. Our college bound student took out loans, loans and more loans. She graduated owing thousands of dollars. Debt followed her into adulthood. Our son, using a variety of aid including scholarships, grants and gifts, left college three years later with few educational bills.

I began telling friends and acquaintances about our failures and successes. I visited high schools talking to students and parents. My message was clear, "Scholarships and grants are available, but you cannot rely on anyone else to do the research for you. You've got to do it yourself." Then I was asked to be a national scholarship judge for the AAU/Mars-Milky Way National High School All-American Award. I evaluated scholarship applications from the top student athletes in the United States. For three years I looked at thousands of forms and read hundreds of comments by winners I had helped to select. I began researching sources and techniques, and discovered what families had to do, if they wanted to win scholarship money. This information is now available in The Best Little Scholarship Book in the World.

Parents and students, this is the opportunity that you need. I believe that when you use the info in The Best Little Scholarship Book in the World, the possibilities to win many scholarships will become reality.


Dale Clifton, the Scholarship Doctor

p.s. This is a great opportunity. Get started today.

Editor's Note:

Sadly, the original author, Dale Clifton, passed away on December 20th, 2010. His book will continue to be marketed and is now available in an eBook format.

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