Frequently Asked Questions

It will show you how to plan the scholarship process from start to finish.

You will do better when you know what scholarship committees want and expect. Applications have to survive several rounds of evaluation before any money is awarded.

Not really, but there are winning strategies that champions have used. The Scholarship Doctor reveals those strategies and techniques.

Yes, it has been done many times. But, what if your scholarships are only half of the cost of college, or even two-thirds? You will have saved thousand of dollars with College Scholarship Planning.

I cannot answer for others. I just want to reach as many families and students possible. It seems to me that $19.95 for The Best little Scholarship Book in the World (Paperback Edition) and a free MP3 Download, Almost Any Student Can Win College Scholarships, is a great offer that anyone can afford.

The Best Little Scholarship Book/eBook In The World! is available in a number of formats including paperback, PDF and Kindle, just to name a few!

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