Paperback Edition

The Reference book for future College Scholarship Champions. Whether you are in middle school or high school, and thinking about going to college, then you will want to make sure that you will have enough money for tuition and expenses! Getting scholarships are easy, especially when you have the information packed inside this ebook!

“Do you really want to win scholarship money? Are you looking for college debt solutions?” I ask those questions at the beginning of every seminar and workshop. And, of course, everyone answers, “Yes.” That’s why they come, and that’s why you bought this book. The title of this book intrigued you, and, if it is at all possible, you really want to win college scholarships whether it’s for yourself or someone in your family. I am telling you right up front that it is possible for you or a family member to win not just a scholarship but many. I know it. You can believe it, because it’s true. Is it easy? Sometimes, it’s easier than others. If it were easy, everybody would be winning. But, only about one high school senior in thirty makes the “ real” effort.

You are going to find out, HOW TO DO IT! Most kids will only fill out up to three scholarship applications. You will love to fill out many because you will EXPECT to win.

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